Your first appointment and what to expect

We want to get to know you so that we get an accurate understanding of your complaint and the context in which is has developed. This is why, as osteopaths, we spend more time with clients than most other health care providers. At your first appointment, we will take the time to discuss your current complaint as well as your medical history. This helps us to uncover possible past factors which may have contributed to your present ailment.

Once we have established your medical history, we will conduct a thorough bio-mechanical examination. This includes finding areas of tension and movement restriction and any relevant orthopedic and neurological tests, all of which are non-invasive and performed on the spot. So that we can best examine you, please wear shorts and a singlet. Alternatively, tights, leggings or loose fitting clothing can also be worn.

Following your examination, we will discuss your treatment and treatment plan with you and commence treatment. We consider the long-term management of your condition as an important and essential part of your recovery. This is why, along the way, we will teach you techniques or exercises you can perform and may recommend adjunct therapies to maximise your recovery. This may include stretches, mobilisation techniques, nutritional supplementation and life-style modifications.


Natalie* is suffering from long-standing back pain. Her occupation does not involve a great deal of lifting or physical activity. During her case history, Natalie reveals that 10 years ago, when she was playing netball, she rolled her left ankle. This injury changed the way Natalie walks and very likely played a role in the establishment of her back pain over the following years.

Natalie’s examination reveals that her left ankle joint is stiff and does not allow her foot to roll properly when she walks. This has led to her knee and hip rotating which, in turn, affects the balance of her pelvis as she now has to lean to the right to allow her foot to clear the ground when walking, This causes excessive pressure and strain on her lower back and, to compensate for her leaning posture, her lower back and hip muscles are tight and fatigued and eventually became painful.

Releasing the stiffness of Natalie’s ankle will help Natalie’s walking to normalise and decrease pressure and tension through her lower back. Further, aligning Natalie’s spine, releasing the tight muscles and ligaments through her lower back, pelvis and hip will correct her leaning posture and the associated muscle strain which had over time become the cause of her back pain.

This type of treatment regularly takes between 4-6 weekly consultations, however cases vary and this is a general indication only.


Consultation fees

Initial consultation and treatment - 45-60 minutes: $124

Return consultation and treatment - 30 minutes: $89

Our fees are eligible for private health insurance rebates.
Please note: Instant claiming through HICAPS is not available. We ask that you forward our invoice to your insurance
for reimbursement of your claim amount. Individual cover varies, contact your insurance for details.



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Cancellation Policy

To avoid cancellation fee, we require 24 hours notice of change or cancellation of your appointment. In the event that the required notice is not given, 50% of the schedule appointments fee will be charged as cancellation fee at our discretion.
You can manage your bookings online by following the link emailed to you in the booking-confirmation email. Alternatively, you can call 04 30 30 12 24 or email us at

Thank you for your understanding.

*Names are fictitious and have no reference to real people.